Visiting The Farm!

Picking Flowers

First things first: Find your way out to the farm!

Parking: Once you’re here, just park in the gravel area in front of the white house.

Buckets: I’ll get you a bucket or jar with scissors and you can get to cutting! If you want to bring your own container, you totally can. Mason jars start at $20 and buckets at $30 a gallon.

Payment: I accept cash, credit or debit card (via Square), or even checks if that’s your style!

Amenities: There’s a toilet and fresh water on site, but it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle!

Other Notes: It gets warm very quickly. Come early in the morning to have a relaxing, cool morning on the farm.
Bees and pollinators are in full force at the farm. They don’t generally cause problems, but be aware when cutting flowers to not accidentally grab a bumble bee!

The Prices

I have several different varieties and sizes of containers here for you to pick and make an instant bouquet in the field! Please note prices below do not include sales tax.

  • Gallon Bucket – $30
  • Half Gallon Bucket – $25
  • Mason Jars – $20
  • Dahlias per stem – $1-4 depending on size
  • Dahlia Bunch (10 stems) – $15

Dinner plate dahlias are sold separately from bunch price.

Photo shoots: You can check out my booking page for more info.

Collaborations: Fee free to reach out on Instagram!

If you’re interested in custom flowers (for pick-up), my friend Linda over at Leaning Barn Farms will be your best bet!

Flower Care Tips

Remember, the earlier you stop by the better. Flowers tend to get sad when cut in the heat!

Use cool, fresh water and change water every few days.

You should also cut the stems slightly each time you change the water.

Also, try and keep your flowers away from ripening fruit and overly sunny windows!

Some Guidelines!

I would ask that while you’re visiting you do follow some common courtesy rules:

  • Unless you have a service animal, please leave your animals at home.
  • Please don’t over-stuff your bucket with blooms. You’ll still leave with plenty of flowers! There is an up-charge fee to the next bucket size if over-stuffed.
  • After you pick your flowers, feel free to take your time admiring and snapping some photos; but be courteous when others are still picking their blooms.