A Little Backstory

My name’s Nikki and I love Stranger Things, Cheez Its, and helping seeds transform into beautiful plants.

Oh, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

I grew up in the family cattle feeding business, and fully planned on running my own cattle feed yard one day, raising a family in it— the whole shebang. After graduating from Utah State University in agriculture; I came back to the feedlot and realized I honestly didn’t love my career choice. I missed being around people and socializing! Cows are pretty boring and don’t have a lot to say.

After a few years of hem-hawing around at different odd jobs; I discovered my love for horticulture. I couldn’t believe I could throw some seeds in the dirt, sprinkle some water and pixie dust over them and watch them transform into giant plants, flowers, shrubs.

I then decided to turn my story into a colorful one, full of blossoms and people gathering. Full of love and sweet smelling flowers, people all connecting over a bucket of blooms.

But then it has never been about the flowers. The flowers are definitely beautiful to admire and grow; but for me it has always been about the people. I really enjoy getting to meet new people, catch up with old and new friends, share our love for a certain variety or hear about a new one I need to grow! Sharing the farm is something I truly enjoy doing.

My mission? To have you leave the farm feeling serene and harmonious, with a bucket of blooms tucked into your passenger seat and a feel good in your soul.